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The integrated solution of intelligent packaging of parallel robots breaks the bottleneck of "packaging"

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The integrated solution of intelligent packaging of parallel robots breaks the bottleneck of "packaging"
Latest company news about The integrated solution of intelligent packaging of parallel robots breaks the bottleneck of "packaging"

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of the workforce and accelerated the digitization of manufacturing technology to automate processes. Because the food manufacturing industry is inseparable from people's lives, it is even more urgent to carry out automation transformation and upgrading. Among them, the back-end packaging process of products is the top priority of automation transformation at present.




The packaging process of the food manufacturing industry has high repetitive work and low technical content and is often regarded as low-value-added work. However, this process is labor-intensive and less attractive to employees. At the same time, in the case of the spread of the epidemic, The labor cost of enterprises continues to increase. Under the action of various factors, the packaging process has become a difficulty and pain point for enterprises. Based on the difficulties encountered, the use of automated equipment for downstream packaging has become more and more attractive to enterprises. However, it is not easy to automate the packaging process. Specifically, the current trend of customization in the food industry is becoming more and more obvious. This requires that the packaging automation equipment can change the grasping tool according to the different minimum inventory requirements in different time periods and is compatible with various types of vertical, pillow-type packaging machines, and bag-feeding machines, and the operation speed must be fast enough. In addition, the traditional packaging production line of the food manufacturing industry has less space for transformation, which requires the automation equipment to be compact in structure and small in volume.




In order to solve the market pain points of the back-end packaging process of the food manufacturing industry, Guangdong Kenwei combines the cutting-edge achievements of logistics packaging and unitization technology and considers the efficiency, speed, precision, and other aspects to launch an integrated solution for intelligent packaging. The solution is mainly composed of Mainframe structure, carton conveying parts, grasping parts, reclaiming unit and visual structure, and other components, and according to the different needs of the production line, customers can freely choose different supporting box structures, non-standard science structures, high-definition vision parts, etc. Parts, the host structure includes the frame, the grabbing part, and the lightbox sensing part, and its surrounding is protected by plexiglass doors, which optimizes the experience of the debugging personnel during the control operation, and makes the on-site installation and debugging more convenient and quick.



On the carton conveying components, the carton conveyor belt is driven by a servo motor, and the roller conveyor belt can easily handle the multi-level weight of the carton.



In the grasping part, Guangdong Kenwei D1100 parallel manipulator is used for grasping, which has the characteristics of accurate positioning, automatic palletizing, and intelligent sorting. It can reach 150 times per minute. With the custom end effector, it can realize the movement and rotation in three-dimensional space, so as to complete the fast following, grasping, and placing of the conveyor belt.




On the reclaiming unit, the D1100 parallel manipulator will put it into the designated carton after grabbing the package each time. At the same time, according to the different needs of the production line, the design direction of different suction cups and standard suction cups can be replaced. At the same time, the gripper (without a suction cup) of this one-piece solution weighs only 110 kg. Smaller self-weight, faster absorption speed, and better compatibility.



Guangdong Kenwei's back-end packaging and intelligent boxing integrated solution have a compact structure, and a small footprint, and it is convenient to combine existing production lines. At the same time, it is controlled by a motion controller, which has a high degree of humanization, easy operation, and greatly liberates manpower. The identification system, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, can quickly locate the product position and ensure smooth and fast operation. At the same time, the overall solution has high compatibility, and intelligently adapts to vertical, pillow-type packaging machines and bag feeders of different structures, which greatly speeds up the overall line change speed. Improve the overall production efficiency of merchants, so as to achieve a leading position in the market.


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