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Practice the Road of China's Intelligent Packing

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Practice the Road of China's Intelligent Packing
Latest company news about Practice the Road of China's Intelligent Packing

Practice the Road of China's Intelligent Packing


With the continuous development of mobile Internet applications, digital packaging has accelerated in recent years, and the integration of the Internet of Things and big data will further promote the upgrading and transformation of the packaging industry. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of people's consumption demand, the traditional product packing has gradually turned to the trend of digital packaging development.


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The development of digital packing


The first generation of digital packaging began to pay attention to the basic function of multiple products through anti-counterfeiting, traceability, traceability, and other purposes, which is characterized by the simple use of these QR code technology to achieve product information acquisition and display to consumers.


The second generation of digital packaging is the integration of printed electronics, RFID, and explicit technology. Let the goods be endowed with more intelligent applications.


The third generation of digital packaging is the use of NFC, Internet technology, Internet of things technology, blockchain, AR, and other cutting-edge technologies so that the packaging in the production line and the product directly seamless connection, remote maintenance, integration with the company's ERP system, production data evaluation, and other functions.


Guangdong Kenwei's "Cloud Configuration" intelligent interconnection system takes the lead in opening the door of the digital era of the packaging industry. It adopts a new highly integrated modular design, applies CAN bus technology and Modbus industrial standard communication protocol, and applies Internet of Things technology in LAN/WAN environment. Through computers, mobile phones, PAD, and other terminals to carry out remote monitoring of packaging production line, automatic data collection and intelligent control and other functions, the weighing packaging technology and advanced automatic production system and intelligent control effectively combined.


Extranet intelligent control system


Through Ethernet /GPRS/WIFI/3G/4G network connection, with the touch screen supporting the Internet of things, to achieve intelligent control. Help brokers collect and analyze data, and realize more efficient monitoring and management of equipment.



Intranet intelligent control system


Add a network module on the main board of the device, connect with the SCADA system (data acquisition and monitoring system) through the network cable, easily realize the seamless connection with various production management software (ERP, MES, etc.), realize the internal intelligent control, and build a complete intelligent factory Internet of things. Help customers to improve the degree of equipment automation, overall improve production efficiency and economic benefits.




Flexibility requirements for digital packaging machinery and equipment

The number of servo motors is increasing with the increasing demand for equipment flexibility. The logic function performed by PLC is gradually replaced by the electronic motion function. This means that, because of different programming languages and systems, physical and logical interfaces are no longer needed, and integrated motion control and logical control solutions have become a trend in the field of packaging machinery.


For example, Guangdong Kenwei four-axis parallel manipulator, using servo motor control system, with visual application device, at the top of the production transmission line to achieve fast and accurate automatic grab, automatic box loading, intelligent palleting, and other operations, more flexible than the horizontal machine. At the same time, it can be equipped with different vacuum fixtures to adapt to different products. This solution is also useful for compound packaging, such as in medicine, where blister packaging, medicine bottles, drug instructions, and medicine spoons can all be repackaged with top-loading equipment. In the confectionery field, the top-loading device can recognize itself and accurately pack a wide variety of different shapes of chocolate on a deep plate.



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It is foreseeable that "Internet +" is expected to open a new competition pattern for the packaging machinery industry, and the traditional industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Embrace the Internet to achieve change and breakthrough, upgrading personalized flexible production, modular processing and based on big data analysis and other technical means will become a new wind in the development of packaging machinery industry, is also Kenwei intelligent continuous innovation, efforts to upgrade digital packaging leader of the ultimate goal.


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