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Discussion on the Counting and Packing Line of Medicinal

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Discussion on the Counting and Packing Line of Medicinal
Latest company news about Discussion on the Counting and Packing Line of Medicinal

With the rapid development of technology and the advent of large-scale GMP certification, people have put forward higher requirements for equipment manufacturing, especially our country's pharmaceutical companies will put forward higher requirements for pharmaceutical equipment. As far as the pharmaceutical bottle counting packaging production line is concerned, with the continuous improvement of the independent innovation of the counting machine and the further realization of the modular block design, the counting machine, as a high-end pharmaceutical packaging equipment, has gradually become a high-end pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Key equipment in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry. At the same time, it also highlights the new points and advantages of the pharmaceutical bottled numbering packaging line in the GMP era:



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1. Safety of medicines


Broadly speaking,after the drug is subpackaged and packaged, it must meet the following requirements during the shelf life from shipment, storage and transportation, to the shelf to the user: to ensure that the dosage, chemical composition and biological activity remain unchanged, to prevent accidental consumption and repackaging, At the same time, the process can be traced and explained. These requirements will promote the production of new technical points in the pharmaceutical bottle and count packaging line.

Safety measures for pharmaceutical packing , including: scientific design in the form of plastic bottle packaging. Design of safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Ensure the safety design of the production process.


Quality inspection items of key points in the packaging line for medicinal bottles:

(1) Automatic bottle unscrambler process, such as bottle detection;

(2) Counting machine process, lack of grain detection (or put into the post-automatic weighing detection);

(3) The process of stuffing into the machine, such as the lack of paper and leak-proof detection for stuffed paper/cotton stuffed;

(4) Capping machine process, such as no cover, reverse cover and inclined cover detection;

(5) Process of aluminum foil sealing machine;

(6) The labeling machine process is the detection of missing labels and codes;

(7) Cartoning machine process, detection of leaking instructions, leaking bottles, rotten boxes and leaking batch numbers.



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These online detection measures can greatly improve the safety of pharmaceutical packaging. At present, there is a small gap between Chinese medicine machines and foreign countries in terms of mechanical properties, but there are still many gaps in online testing. Guangdong Kenwei's high-precision combined check weigher and metal detector can effectively provide accurate detection functions for medicine packaging/bottle packaging, and can quickly detect the presence of missing metals in packaging and whether the weight specifications are qualified, greatly improving the safety and reliability of production.

2.Efficiency of equipment


Efficiency is also an important indicator to evaluate the real use efficiency of equipment. From the analysis of the actual situation of the current market, pharmaceutical companies mainly purchase medium and high-speed equipment, especially pharmaceutical machines in the range of 80~100 bottles/min. As far as the overall level of domestic equipment manufacturing is concerned, in this speed range, there are many domestic optional equipment, and the technology is relatively mature, the complete set is strong, and the cost performance is relatively high. For example, Guangdong Kenwei's electronic counting machine is suitable for counting capsules, tablets and other tablets,counting speed up to 4000 pieces/min, bottling speed up to 10-60 bottles/min, efficient and worry free.

Convenient and fast replacement of varieties and specifications.
This is an important aspect to test the efficiency of a pharmaceutical bottle counting and packaging line. For example, the products of Guangdong Kenwei, for bottles with specifications of 50ml~300ml, only need to be adjusted to change the specifications. The operation is simple, which not only reduces the maintenance workload, but also saves labor costs for the pharmaceutical factory.



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■ Easy to clean.

Medicinal bottles should be easy to clean and sterilize, as well as easy to remove leftovers from previous batches.


■ Good stability, reliability and composability.

When designing the packaging line for counting pills in medicinal bottles, the tightness of the mechanical structure should be considered as much as possible, the fastening form of the parts should be reasonable and reliable, not easy to loosen, and the transmission part should have safety protection measures.


■Humanized operation.

The humanized operation of the packaging line for several grains in medicinal bottles makes the operator feel convenient, comfortable, and less prone to fatigue.



3. The Prospect of Counting and Packing Line for Medicinal Bottles



(1) The principle of saving space ensures that the equipment is small in size and occupies less clean area to reduce operating costs.

(2) The principle of energy saving, considering the low energy consumption of equipment and the low consumption of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

(3) The principle of reducing labor, considering the degree of automation of equipment to reduce labor.

(4) The operation has procedures, the operation is monitored, the process is recorded, and there is a summary afterwards;

(5) Strengthen the authorization of PLC data input, focus on electronic records and electronic signatures, and focus on research and development of remote control and adjustment.



In the context of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical and food packaging industry, the counting machine has long-term technical significance, high added value, and large room for growth. It is a key industry in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry. Guangdong Kenwei firmly grasps the development trend of the market for market development, pays attention to technological innovation, researches and develops new products, wins by quality, and provides efficient and safe quantitative packaging equipment for drug and food merchants.

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