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Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021

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Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021
Latest company news about Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021

Since 2019, driven by the new growth points of downstream food, drug, daily chemical and other industries, China's special packaging equipment output has increased year by year.With the continuous improvement of the overall strength of China's packaging machinery industry, the export number of packaging machinery products in China is becoming more and more, and the export amount is increasing year by year. . Now ,China has become the world’s largest fastest developing,largest scale and most potential global packaging machinery market.


1. packaging equipment production has increased year by year


Packaging machinery refers to the machinery that can complete all or part of the products and commodity packaging process,mainly completing the weighing,filling,packing,sealing and other processes,as well as its related front and rear processes,such as cleaning,stacking and disassemble; In addition,measuring or printing on packaging parts can be completed.Using mechanical equipment packaging products can improve production efficiency, reduce labor force, improve the economic benefits of enterprise production directly, suitable for the needs of mass production, and can meet the standards of clean environment.


In the continuous ,large-scale industrial production process,packaging is the final process,Packaging can give full play to the function of protection,beautification,publicity and sales of products,improve the competitiveness of goods,achieve packaging automation can effectively improve the production capacity,ensure product quality,and is conducive to reducing production costs,Packaging automation is the use of automated devices to control and manage the packaging process automatically in accordance with prespecified procedures


(1)New growth point pull the packaging machinery industry as a whole;food,beverage and other rapid consumer goods,electronics,medicine,intelligent degree of segmentation,Digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing serve as the main driving force,With the transformation and upgrading of traditional production lines as the main form, there is more and more need for intelligent equipment and intelligent production lines.In recent years,traditional food,automatic brewing,consumer electronics products,solid drugs and other fields are realizing rapid industrial upgrading,which has further driven the overall growth of China’s packaging machinery industry.


(2)Enterprise scale is small:there are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China’s

packaging machinery industry,small scale,weak independent research and development ability,few high starting point enterprises,more low-level repeated construction,weak comprehensive competitiveness,and there is no more well-known brand in the world,Nearly 15% of enterprises in the packaging industry switch to production of fail every year,but another 15%of them add people to the industry,In2020,affected by the epidemic,many enterprises will switch to mask machines or related industries.


(3)The intelligent level of packaging machinery has been significantly improved:Since the release of 《Made in China 2025》in 2015,the process of intelligent manufacturing in China has started an accelerated stage.Under the wave of intelligence,mechanical intelligence has become an important focus of development in the industrial field,which also makes the packaging machinery is bound to transform to intelligence,In recent years,with the support of national industrial policies,some enterprises have through

independent innovation,the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technologies, and the technology level has been greatly improved. The proportion of automation in the field of packaging machinery in China has exceeded 50%, which has set a good foundation for the development of intelligence.


Since 2019,driven by the new growth point of downstream food,drug,daily chemical and other industries,China’s special packaging special equipment output has increased year by year,In 2020,China’s production of special packaging equipment reached 263,400units,up 25.2%year on year.As of April 2021,China’s output of special packaging equipment was 228,200 units,an increase of 244.6% from the same period in 2020.


Production and growth of special packaging equipment in China from 2016 to 2021

(Unit: ten thousand units,%)


latest company news about Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021  0


2.Exports grew year by year


Before the 1980s,China’s packaging machinery was mainly imported from Germany,France,Italy,Japan and other machinery and equipment manufacturing powers.After more than 20 years of development,China’s packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry,providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China’s packaging industry,Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap,can meet the needs of the domestic market basically,and some products are still exported.

According to the statistics of the China General Administration of Customs,from 2018 to 2019,China imported about 140,000 packaging machinery,and the export number of packaging machinery was about 9 million,In2020,the import number of packaging machinery was145,800 and the export number was14.27millon,It can be seen that with the continuous improvement of overall strength of the packaging machinery industry,the number of packaging machinery products is more and more.


Import and export quantity of packaging machinery in China from2017-2021 (unit: ten thousand units)

latest company news about Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021  1


From the perspective of import and export amount, the import amount of China's packaging machinery fluctuates, and the export amount is increasing year by year.In 2020, China's total packaging machinery imports reached US $1.570 billion, and the export amount reached US $2.962 billion.


Import and export amount of packaging machinery in China from 2017 to 2021(Unit: US $100 million)

latest company news about Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021  2


3.The packaging machinery market size is about 34.6 billion yuan


According to the 《China machinery Industry Yearbook2019》released in January 2020,by the end of 2018,there were 319 enterprises above the designated size in the Chinese packing special equipment manufacturing industry,and the main business revenue reached 31.046billion yuan,up 6.14% year on year.Combined with the production and import and export of packaging equipment,It is estimated that the market scale of China’s packaging equipment manufacturing industry is about 34.6billion yuan.


Main business income of enterprises above designated size of packaging special equipment manufacturing industry in China from 2015 to 2020 (unit: 100 million yuan)


latest company news about Analysis of the market status and market scale of China's packaging machinery industry in 2021  3




As a supporting industry in many fields of national economy,the packaging industry benefits from the prosperity of other industries,and its technological progress and supporting services also react upon other industries.With the continuous improvement of social material civilization and spiritual civilization,the competition in the packaging machinery industry at home and abroad is also becoming more and more fierce,and China’s packaging machinery industry is facing new challenges. Multi-purpose, high quality,high efficiency and intelligence will become the development direction of future packaging machinery products:

111)Multi-purpose,high-quality:packaging is a necessary condition for commodities to enter the circulation field,following the consumer demand and consumption concept of packaging industry and consumers,the production of higher-quality packaging machinery is the key to the development of the industry.Packaging machine has been seeking high production and high quality,individuation and flexibility.This requires the equipment to be more functionalized,which can adapt to different packaging forms,shapes,size,material structure and closed structure as standard functions,which on longer need to add accessories or other customized solutions,and can comprehensively and effectively solve the product needs of various uses.

22)High efficiency,intelligent:by the downstream industry market competition,scale and intensive production form,human resources costs and other factors,packaging equipment in production and logistics link play a more and bigger role,highly automated,efficient,intelligent,energy saving packaging equipment has been favored by downstream industry,traditional packaging equipment gradually combined with field bus technology,transmission control technology,motion control technology,automatic identification technology,safety detection technology,etc,intelligent packaging equipment arises and constantly improve.Fully automatic,unmanned,integrated packaging equipment is currently a good opportunity to flourish.Packaging machinery will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation,and constantly promote the improvement of the overall competitiveness of intelligent packaging equipment.


(3)Green environmental protection:green environmental protection is the future of the same environmental theme,this theme is closely related to people’s life packaging industry,how to improve machinery,how to more conform to the concept of green production,how to make the production safer,more refined,more suitable for demand and many other problems also need our enterprises to think about social issues in advance.


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