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8 Grams of oatmeal weighed and packed in small jars

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8 Grams of oatmeal weighed and packed in small jars
Latest company news about 8 Grams of oatmeal weighed and packed in small jars

8 Grams of oatmeal weighed and packed in small jars


As the mass market for ready-to-eat food packaging requirements is increasingly intense, the traditional, simple packaging appearance, measurement specifications can not meet the public on different factors and food options for a variety of considerations, which makes small bag packaging, even small cans packaging food emerged at the right moment. People can choose products with different packaging specifications according to their different needs, and at the same time meet the needs of merchants to match their own food, forming a new fashion of self-made food. There are new demands in the market, and related quantitative packaging machinery and equipment must also keep up with the pace of innovation. Due to the low measurement weight and high shipment volume of small packaged food, weighing and packaging equipment must be required to achieve accurate weighing, fast sub-packaging, and low empty package rate.

Let's take a look at the photos taken on the spot to learn how Guangdong Kenwei assisted a food merchant to solve the new problem of 8 grams of instant oatmeal in a small can: The system is equipped with 14 head super high precision multihead weigher of Guangdong Kenwei ultra-high-precision series, which is suitable for small particles and high-value materials with small measurement and high-precision weighing requirements; Two batches of materials are realized at almost the same time, which effectively improves the filling speed of oatmeal and realizes fast packaging.



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Combination weigher features

1. Ultra-small 0.3L hopper, ultra-low frequency vibration design, stable and more accurate operation.

2. High standard imported special sensor, the resolution can be increased to 2 decimal places.

3. Weighing range 1-60 grams; weighing speed up to 120 bags per minute.

4. Small weight weighing design V-shaped line vibration plate to ensure uniform and accurate feeding.

5. 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirements and a user-friendly help menu contributes to easy operation.



Customer's request

1. The actual measurement is 8.1 grams each time.

2. Set the precision to 0.3 for the upper deviation and 0 for the lower deviation.

3. The set speed is 30-50 packs per minute.



With the same original intention, in response to the ever-changing market dynamics, Guangdong Kenwei’s combination weigher can also be equipped with an intelligent monitoring solution, which can realize remote monitoring, configuration, and other services through a variety of equipment, providing customers with high-quality, efficient, intelligent and low-consumption combinations weigher quantitative packaging solution, hand in hand with customers to enter the era of industrial equipment automation 4.0.


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